Our one planet One Planet Architecture

Special character of place

We respect the essence of a locality, sometimes referred to as genius loci, in the design of any building, to enable harmony between people and place.  From its context, the design evolves.  Consideration will be given to the availability of renewable energy on the site, including solar power, biomass, wind and water power.  Together with the considerations of view, access, aspect, drainage and topology, to yield a design that retrospectively fits so well that it appears evitable.

Making of a place

The construction of a low impact dwelling in the Pembrokeshire National Park is case in point.  A cabin style timber house was constructed on a 4½ acre plot following two planning appeals.  Planning is not normally granted in the parkland, but the construction of this dwelling was allowed subject to strict requirements, including the use of locally available materials and a very high level of energy performance.

Green Apple eco-cabin

Eco-cabin set in orchard with meadow behind

The low impact/environmental credentials include:

The house is now complete and supports courses, workshops and activities which promotes sustainability, such as caring for fruit trees, craft activities for schoolchildren, ecological activities for those with mental problems and self-building with local timber.